The Youth Ministry is open to young adults ranging from students in High School to college students, including bachelors and spinsters. It is an outreach initiative, with the goal of equipping youths in the church with the necessary training and exposure needed to live a victorious and fulfilled life. From time to time, there are fun-filled programs and events organized by the youth ministry to challenge, educate, and prepare the youths for the real-life situations they might soon be facing after graduating from high school or college. In the youths’ meetings, we stand steadfastly on the word of God, as we discuss various topics about relationships, careers and other pertinent issues that youths face.

By the grace of God, the Youth Ministry regularly organizes and hosts events tailored towards blessing the church at large, and the youths in particular, by inviting seasoned and renowned speakers to teach on practical topics.

We hold monthly meetings, to encourage members to walk in the light of the Word of God, and to maximize our God-given potentials in every sphere of life.